Info On Abortion In Canada


Since the lifting of all legislation on abortions in Canada approximately 3.3 million Canadians have been aborted (based on Stats Canada numbers). This is a conservative number because it only reflects ‘reported’ abortions and does not include the morning after pill, which is, the earliest form of pregnancy termination. If you do the math this works out to at LEAST 20% of our generation in Canada that has never made it past the womb. If you include unreported abortions and the pill the number could be as high as 30-40%. This works out to 2-3000 Canadians per week and about a baby every 1.5 minutes that abortion clinics are open. In your 15 minute prayer block it is probable that 10 babies (statistically) will be aborted….we believe your prayers will be direct intervention into these stats. Go for it!


The above stats are not the only relevant stats on this issue. As many as 80-90% of women testify that they struggle with depression and anxiety after having an abortion and MOST women say the quality of their lives is NOT enhanced but reduced after their abortion. Every study that we have seen indicates that most women deeply regret their abortion and wish they would have known 1) the stage that their baby was at when they were terminated & 2) what the potential emotional and psychological outcomes for their lives would be. We need to pray for the women. Pray for healing and restoration of those who have had abortion. Also, pray that the right information would get to the women who are considering it (or should we say ‘girls’ seeing as most women have their first abortion before the age of 22).

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